Job Information
Agronomist (Chipinge)
Bothwell zone , 51 Days Ago Job reference: (844)
Job Type: Full-Time
Job Salary Range: $ 1000 - 1000 Per Month
Job Category: Agriculture / Animal Husbandry
Sub Category:
Job Shift: Morning
Posted: 30-11-2021
Zipcode: +263
Admin Notes: 
Minimum Education: University
Degree Title: Agricultural Science
Minimum Experience: 3 Years
Age: -
Work Permit:
Required Travel:
Job Status
Job Status: Sourcing
Start Publishing: 30-11-2021
No of Jobs: 0
Stop Publishing: 30-12-2021
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- Preparing and managing plans for crop improvement and enhanced production.

- Designing and coordinating land development projects for agricultural land and forests.

- Planning and managing production at agricultural businesses, fruit and vegetable farms, livestock holdings and agri-food companies.

- Plant treatment and green space management (agricultural, forests and urban environments).

- Laboratory testing of plant and agri-food products.

- Agricultural, agri-food, livestock, forestry and environmental quality certification.

- Safeguarding environmental sustainability, safety and quality.

- Carrying out land-use planning in accordance with applicable legislation.

- Landscape design.

- Providing management and technical consultancy services to companies and other organizations.

- Sale of professional agricultural products and technology.


- Degree in Agricultural Science or Environmental Science, Food Science and Technology, Agricultural Biotechnology, Veterinary Science. 

- At least 3 years experience.

Prefered Skills

- Agrarian science and technology skills.

- Knowledge of agri-food chain processes.

- Organization and planning capabilities.

- Management skills and commercial acumen.

- Knowledge of legislation applicable to the agricultural technology sector.

- Ability to prepare reports.

- Knowledge of/ability to use laboratory testing equipment (for chemical, physical and biological tests).

- Communication skills.

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