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Safety Officer
Paidamoyo Zone , 31 Days Ago Job reference: (795)
Job Type: Full-Time
Job Salary Range: $ 1000 - 1000 Per Month
Job Category: Safety / Health /Environment
Sub Category:
Job Shift: Morning
Posted: 28-06-2021
Zipcode: 0000
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Minimum Education: University
Degree Title: Bachelor’s degree in Safety Management,
Minimum Experience: 3 Years
Age: 25 Years - 25 Years
Work Permit:
Required Travel:
Job Status
Job Status: Sourcing
Start Publishing: 28-06-2021
No of Jobs: 0
Stop Publishing: 28-07-2021
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- Identify and develop relevant training programs for company workers and management.

- Keep record of safety-related accidents within a particular time frame.

- Recommend appropriate protective equipment that workers should wear while carrying out tasks.

- Supervise the installation of potentially harmful equipment and the disposal of hazardous substances.

- Stop the continuation of processes that are deemed harmful to the health of workers.

- Review existing safety policies and update them where necessary.

- Carry out or organize important safety-related training within the company or organization.

- Conduct an assessment of possible risks and ensure that preventive measures are taken.


- Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Safety Management, Civil Engineering or in any other related field.

- 3 years work experience as a safety officer in an established firm or company.

- Must have the relevant safety management certification that is required to work as a safety officer.

Prefered Skills

- Must have excellent communication skills to pass important messages (safety precautions) to workers and management in a way that is clear to everyone concern.

- Must possess excellent interpersonal skills to relate effectively with workers and managers.

- Must have a keen eye for even the smallest of details.

- Must have excellent coordination and organizational abilities.

- Must be someone that can easily motivate other workers.

- Must be willing to work as part of a team and even to lead a team if required to do so.

- Must have good leadership skills to be able to carry everyone along and achieve set goals.

- Must have in-depth knowledge of safety legislation and procedures/processes.

- Must have basic knowledge of data reporting processes.

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