Platform Enablement and Commercialization Manager

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Job Description

1. To design commercialization models , identify potential producers ,donors and services that add value to platform users and merchants.
2. To design ecosystems ,playbooks and other producer related requirements and support the technical development, implementation and go to market processes for these.

Hiring Stage
Job Qualifications
  1. A relevant commercial degree
  2. Certifications in digital business management are an added advantage.
  3. Must have at least 5 years working experience in business development, commercialization, relationship management or product management role.
Job Skills
  1. Agile project management experience.
  2. Ability to plan and communicate a business case to support the intent to engage with financial transaction with a qualified client or to align a new or existing product range.
  3. The ability to apply a methodology for understanding and mapping client journeys and know when and how to develop and use personas.
  4. Understanding of financial models and the ability to utilise modelling software packages.
Job Additional Information

email your CVs in MS word.