Client engagement lead

Application deadline closed.

Job Description

To drive the creation of a meaningful customer experience over multiple devices and technologies, ensuring a consistent experience is maintained.

Hiring Stage
Job Qualifications

Degree in Information & technology or any related qualification

Job Skills
  1. Ability to apply a methodology for understanding and mapping client journeys and knows when and how to develop and use personas
  2. Ability to analyse statistics and other data, interpret and evaluate results, and create reports and presentations for use by others.
  3. Ability to understand and apply the principles of design typography, colour graphics, arrangement of individual elements, logos and the overall design to ensure the design supports our brand blueprint, visual language and style guides
  4. An understanding of the products and services features, benefits and pricing of the products and services on offer to the business across multiple business areas
  5. Ability to review and study relevant information from various sources to develop new information
  6. Ability to identify primary and secondary authorities to validate the research