June 28, 2021
$1000 - $1500 / month
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

– Supervising daily operations of network and server infrastructure.

– Aligning IT infrastructure with current and future business requirements and goals.

– Managing IT budgets, forecast, handling cash flow and enforcing cost-effectiveness.

– Evaluating risk, developing network recovery and backup processes.

– Assessing and purchasing new and replacement hardware.

– Assuring that IT activities are within the limits of applicable laws, codes and regulations.

– Testing, troubleshooting and adjusting information systems to operate effectively.

– Implementing security of the network, data and its storage and communication systems.

– Maintaining and upgrading existing systems as required.

– Designing new computer systems and frameworks.

– Risk mitigation planning.

– Creating system guidelines and manuals for the organisation.

– Conducting regular reviews of systems and generating reports on efficiencies and improvement areas.

Hiring Stage
Job Qualifications

- A Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology, Information Systems or Computer Science is required.

- At least 3 years experience.

Job Skills

- Ability to assess and recruit top candidates, train new IT staff, supervise and motivate team members for high performance.

- Experience coordinating installations, upgrades, and maintenance.

- Ability to identify software needs.

- Knowledge of architecture processes and performance reports of operating systems.

- Strong critical thinking skills.

- Skills to understand and oversee code development.

- Strong problem-solving capacity.

- High-level written and verbal communication skills.

- Project management skills.

- Ability to work under pressure and to tight deadlines.

- Knowledge of data modelling and data visualization tools.