Client Engagement Lead

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Job Description

• Keeping abreast of industry developments and enhance experience design skills to meet the evolving needs of customers.
• Understanding and designing the digital experience with the intention of refining the end product to achieve maximum user adoption by conducting market research to better understand the competitive landscape.
• Gathering and analyzing data and insights from customer, on a continual basis to inform customer journeys, platform relevancy, usability, customer experience and solutions required to continually maintain and improve upon these.
• Contributing to the development of products, playbooks, based on data analysis and resulting customer insights.
• Actioning changes to products in line with Business Lines / Corporate Functions / Ecosystem specifications so that the product may serve the business need more effectively.
• Participating in the development of internal communications regarding the platform business.
• Observing customer goals and behaviors, and take part in the design of products/services with focus on the quality, thoughtfulness and optimization of the user experience, considering all the different modalities with which the platform can connect to customers and users.
• Understanding key customer experience and engagement metrics and how these can be realized through design, in order to drive the virality of the platform, amongst other things.
• Leveraging the ability to design for, and across multiple modalities and devices i.e. social media, emails, branches, apps, web, ATM etc. while still contributing to a consistent customer experience.
• Aligning the user experience design (whether personal or business users) to the client engagement model (as well as the digital engagement model) identified by the core local and group enabling partners (along with the on boarding experience and the chat application, specifically).
• Understanding the brand promise of the platform, as well as that of the SBG and implement the defined technologies and methodologies to drive the target-state customer experience and related engagement.
• Building capabilities into the user experience design that enables interaction with client, interaction between clients and that creates virality.
• Developing design solutions as part of a wider team through a solid understanding of device and ecosystem modalities to assure good customer experience by utilising various design and research methods to understand customer needs, friction points and decision-making processes.
• Discussing user needs with the client and collaborate with the wider experience design team to contribute to the development of a solution that is user-centric and aligned to business goals, ensuring that the solution is fit for customer.
• Engaging in the design, test, and iteration of low to moderate-impact processes and journeys, and utilize data from customer experience metrics and related behavioral economic principles to refine and improve upon journeys.
• Contributing to the development of client engagement models and after sales frameworks, including customer onboarding/retention framework for inclusion into the platform development and processes, in collaboration with the rest of the platform team.
• Developing knowledge of local and global industry knowledge of platform design and architecture enhancements with the aim of contributing to the improved design and functioning of the platform aligned to customer requirements.
• Educating and guiding service providers and support team on supporting individual clients through on boarding and other platform processes included in the customer life cycle ( also for clients who request human support).

Job Qualifications
  • A First Degree in Information Technology
  •  A minimum of 5 years demonstrated workplace experience within the area of specialization
Job Skills
  • The ability to apply a methodology for understanding and mapping client journeys and knows when and how to develop and use personas.
  • The ability to analyse statistics and other data, interpret and evaluate results, and create reports and presentations for use by others.
  • The ability to understand and apply the principles of design typography, colour graphics, arrangement of individual elements, logos and the overall design to ensure the design supports our brand blueprint, visual language and style guides.
  • An understanding of the products and services features, benefits and pricing of the products and services on offer to the business across multiple business areas.
  • Ability to review and study relevant information from various sources to develop new information. Ability to identify primary and secondary authorities to validate the research.