Quality Control Officer – Foundry Kadoma

July 15, 2021
$1000 - $1500 / month
Application deadline closed.

Job Description

– Interpret and review shop drawings.

– Inspect completed work and/or work in progress to determine whether the work meets specifications and plan requirements.

– Monitor overall construction performance with regard to technical quality and compliance with design and specification requirements.

– Note and report on work that does not meet requirements.

– Educate workers on the required standards.

– Ensuring legal obligations are followed and ensuring compliance with regulatory bodies and with health and safety guidelines.

– Work with senior managers to identify approaches and methods to improve overall quality.

– Keeping accurate documentation and performing statistical analysis.

Hiring Stage
Job Qualifications

- Bachelor of science degree in mechanical or manufacturing engineering.

- 3 years experience in Foundry Industry.

Job Skills

- Strong attention to detail, observation, organizational, and leadership skills.

- In-depth knowledge of quality control procedures and legal standards.

- Strong knowledge of mathematics, data analysis, and statistical methods.

- Excellent communication and listening skills.

- Good technical and IT skills.